In the Black, With Viola Black: Our Top 5 Fun Budgeting Tips.

Introducing In the Black, With Viola Black: our new series of blogs that will help you take control of your finances.

From budgeting to banking, spending to saving; here you’ll find all the best financial advice, tips and tricks – all in one place.
And, because most people start the year off with a budgeting plan, we’re starting with the budgeting tips that put the fun in funds!

Are You Game for It?

The prospect of budgeting every month can be daunting and, truth be told, a little bit boring. But when you make budgeting into a game, it immediately becomes more enjoyable thanks to the element of challenge. Set yourself weekly and monthly budgeting goals, as well as rewards for each; little things like an extra hour in bed on the weekend, or another episode of your favourite Netflix series. These prizes automatically give you more of an incentive to want to succeed, making the whole process of budgeting more fun as a result.

Save the Date. Then save for it.

If you’re looking to budget with the ultimate goal of setting money aside for something specific, create a visual reminder of that something. For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re saving for your dream holiday: have a photo of the destination and getaway date as your mobile phone’s screensaver, or even a framed photo on your office desk. This way, you’ll always be reminded of the fun that will come as a result of budgeting and saving – even when you’re complaining to family, friends or colleagues about having no money!

Aisle Be There for You.

When it comes to food shopping, some people like to do weekly shops, whilst others rather buying on a day-to-day basis; there isn’t a right or wrong way as there are benefits to both, and everybody’s needs are different. A really fun, rewarding game for those that shop daily, however, involves buying food and ingredients solely from the reduced aisle. Depending on the time of day and supermarket, you can pick up and put together great-tasting, nutritious meals for pennies, as opposed to pounds. Sure, you have to get a little bit more creative and adventurous in the kitchen, but – as well as all those savings – that’s part of the fun.

Willpower Will Power Up Your Savings.

The psychology behind why we spend money is, in itself, an interesting subject. But what most people don’t understand, however, is that – as far as budgeting is concerned – learning about it is as advantageous as it is enjoyable. Because, in the same way you train and strengthen your body, there are 100s of great books that will help you train and strengthen your willpower, too; a vital asset when it comes to questioning the need for certain purchases and, ultimately, saving money.

Find a Budgeting Buddy.

Lots of things in life are more enjoyable when you do them with friends: budgeting is no different. If you know someone else who is looking to take control of their finances, why not buddy up with them? Whether it’s sharing advice or keeping each other motivated, think of a budgeting buddy as your very own financial advisor – just without the price tag.

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