Complete financial control

Dashboard Summary

One simple dashboard that gives you a complete
overview of your balance, spend and account in real-time.

Categorise and Budget

See exactly how much you spend on categories like
travel, food, and going out every month, and set
spending budgets for each.

Instant Updates

Every time you spend, you’ll get an instant notification,
meaning your balance and finances are updated in
real-time, not 24 to 48 hours.

Donate Your Change to Charity

If you want your small change to make a big change, then
you also have the option to donate the savings from your
rounded up transactions to charity.

Create Sub Accounts

Whether you’re saving for a holiday, new car or rainy day,
your Viola Black account lets you create separate sub
accounts for each category.

Send and receive money instantly

Send Money to
Family & Friends

Send money instantly to family or friends and,
for regular payments, set up a list of payees so
you don’t have to manually enter their details every time.

Send Money
Back Home

If you have family abroad and need to send money
back home, your Viola Black account lets
you do so instantly without any charges.

No Link to Your
Bank Account

We’ll never link your Viola Black card to your
main bank account, meaning more security
for your money, and more peace of mind for you.

Instantly Lock
Your Card

Lost your card? Instantly lock it and stop it being
used at the click of a button within the app.
Found the card? Instantly unlock it for use once again.

Receive Payments

Because your Viola Black account has its own
account number and sort code, you
can receive payments quickly and easily.

Hold foreign currency

Store multiple currencies on one account, using our
market-leading exchange rates so you get more for your money.

Payments abroad

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what
you’re paying for; we let you pay in any currency.

Minimal ATM Charges

We will keep your ATM fees to a minimum, but
sometimes, we incur charges.

Your Money is in Good Hands

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not apply to the funds in your Viola Black Account. However, when you deposit your money with Viola Black this is held by Clear Bank Limited in a ‘Client Money Account’. This account is a segregated bank account and its sole purpose is to hold your funds for transactions. The Account cannot be accessed by third parties and is separate from our own monies and other assets. In the unlikely event that Viola incurs financial or liquidity problems, your funds would not be included in ours.

Neither Viola Black nor its Clearing Bank invests your money with or lends it to third parties.

We’re sure you will agree; your money is in good hands.