About Us

  • As part of the Viola Group, we believe that money management should be a necessity, not a privilege.
  • And that’s why we created Viola Black, or, as we like to call it: the everyday account for everyday people. Because, no matter who you are, where you’re from or how much you earn; Viola Black is open to everyone.
  • We know that money management can be confusing; thankfully, Viola Black is the simple, secure, straightforward
    account and prepaid debit card that makes it easy.
  • It’s easy because it lets you take control of your everyday finances with one account for budgeting, spending and sending.
  • A Viola Black account doesn’t involve any paperwork or proof of address stress: You can open an account in minutes, on
    your phone, with a government-issued ID.
  • We’ve made everything really simple. Because that’s exactly how managing your money should be.

Our Global Presence

Viola Group is a privately held company that was first established in Vienna (Austria) in 2012. Now, we have offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, Vienna and India, with planned expansion into Brazil, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

The Viola Group of Companies has evolved to serve the astute customer’s range of needs in modern money management.