We are not a bank.

Banks and bank accounts are not
open to everyone. Viola Black is.

As part of the Viola Group, we believe that money
management should be a necessity, not a privilege.

Meaning no matter who you are, where you’re from
or how much you earn; opening and using your
Viola Black account is simple.

Because that’s exactly how managing your money
should be.

Open your account in minutes

No Paperwork

We are not a bank, which means we don’t make you go through all that paperwork and proof of address stress when opening your Viola Black account.

Easy ID Process

And, because we’re not a bank, all you
need to open an account is a
government-issued identification number.

No Long Wait

You don’t have to wait days, even weeks,
to open an account. Once you’ve signed up, we send
your card through the post and you’re good to go!


Yes, we charge you

As part of the Viola Group, we think it’s really important to be
transparent when it comes to money. And that starts by being
honest and upfront with our customers.